Partner - LiveServices Module for WHMCS

If you use WHMCS to look after your online business from client management, billing to support then you can now manage all the Prolateral services by using WHMCS as well. 

How does it work?

Firstly you need to sign up as Prolateral Partner and get your PartnerID.  Once you have been accepted as a Partner you need to download the Prolateral WHMCS Module and install it into your own WHMCS environment, finally creating the products/services on your own website that you wish to resell.

When a client purchases the service on your WHMCS system and you have accepted the order the Prolateral WHMCS modules creates the client and service in the portal, at the same time reduces your partner credits at the rate specified in your tariff.

The Prolateral WHMCS module supports the following

  • account & service creation
  • account & service suspension and un-suspension
  • automatic upgrade and downgrades
  • account & service termination

All other management of Prolateral services is done via the portal.