Fake MX for SMTP, fighting against spammers


  • What is Fake MX?

    A Fake MX record is an extra MX record in the DNS for your domain that is created with the intent of confusing spambots..

  • What is null MX?

    It's just another name for Fake MX.

  • How does fake MX work?

    By adding our Fake MX to your DNS records with the lowest priority (Higher value MX record) our servers will generate a SMTP 451 message for any emails.

    Genuine email will then simply retry to your primary mail server and email will be delivered, however most spammers simply give up thus preventing you receiving the spam.

    Many spammers target the lowest priority mail server hoping to hit a backup server that has weaker protection than the primary server.

  • If I have Fake MX do I still need a spam filter on my primary mail server?


    Fake MX is just an added tool in the bag to help combat against unsolicit emails. You should consider running a spam filter solution on your primary mail server or a hosted spam filter for your domain. proFilter is a hosted spam filtering solution.

  • What tools can I use to help prevent spam?

    You should firstly consider having a good virus/malware scanner running on your network and mail server.

    Spam filter solutions like profilter can become the next line of defense in email protection.

    Next consider the use of setting SPF records for your domain.

    Finally don't forget Fake MX to help combat against the spammers targetting the lowest priority mail server.

  • How do I sign up for Fake MX?

    You can sign up for Fake MX by clicking here and be up and running within minutes.

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