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    Since we started using PROFILTER we noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount of nuisance and junk emails coming through to our inboxes, the initial investment has outweighed the amount of time we spent removing spam. Mark Halimeh, A1 Security, Luton Beds.

I want it but what do I need to do?

Decide which profilter package is best for you and sign up

You will receive your username and password by email

Log into the management portal and go to the profilter section. 

Use the setup wizard to finish your profilter setup.

Thats it!  Signup and start using the service in minutes.


Profilter Packages

Package Plan

Number of Users/Mailboxes

Cost per month


Profilter 1



Signup for profilter 1 user mailbox

Profilter 3



Buy profilter Now

Profilter 5



Buy profilter Now, hosted anti-spam service

Profilter 10



Buy email spam filtering (profilter)

Profilter 15



Hosted antispam email filter, profilter

Profilter 20



SMTP spam email filtering

Profilter 25



SMTP mail filtering for Microsoft Exchange

Profilter 30



SMTP hosted spam filtering (profilter)

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Larger profilter packages are available by clicking here.