Purchase a new domain, transfer a domain, host your domain with full master zone control


  • Do I have to transfer my domain name to Prolateral just to use DNS service?


    No, you do not have to transfer your domain to Prolateral to use either a master DNS service or the backup service.

  • How many nameservers do you operate?


    We have DNS servers located in the UK, Europe and the USA. When you register to use our domain hosting services your domain will be allocated onto four distributed DNS servers.

  • How long does it take for my DNS changes to take effect?


    Any DNS changes in the portal will be live as soon as you confirm the requested changes, however that information will take time to roll-out because our DNS servers only perform database rebuilds every six hours.

  • How do I make changes to my DNS information?


    To make changes to your master zone DNS records simply login into the portal and manage your domain records.

  • How do I use the slave DNS service (also known as backup dns)?


    If you want Prolateral to slave your DNS from another server then when you sign up for the service you will be asked for the domain name and the DNS server where the master zone file is. You can change the source server address at any time in the portal.

    Remember to add the DNS servers you have been allocated by Prolateral as NS records in your domain records on the master server and if necessary to update the glue records with the domain registrar.