It is vital that your business manages its security policy and also keeps it in line with the business policy.

Three-quarters of today's successful hacks are perpetrated not via network security flaws, but by entering directly through the 'front door' - exploiting flaws in customer-facing web applications.

Without a security policy your business is at risk.

We can help you develop a security policy or test an existing one.


Your company has just been attacked or worse you have discovered you have a rogue member of staff 

Computer based forensics is not just used in criminal investigations. In fact the majority of cases are corporate covering computer misuse and employee tribunals.

Our first focus is keeping your company reputation intact whilst preserving the evidence and data.

We use police and government approved technologies and methods to ensure all our forensic cases are completed with the utmost professionalism.



Your Information Technology should be saving you time, or enabling your business.

Our belief in Open Standards allows us to integrate your systems to achieve real benefits. Your systems should be reliable and provide true benefits for you and your customers.

We can ensure that your existing technology is fully utilised, and allow you to concentrate on your business objectives.




Your Information is the key business asset of your company. So you need to ensure that it is available at the right time to the right people.

Our hosted solutions are provided as modular services available to you by the prolateral portal.

Prolateral offers secure & managed hosted web space, hosted messaging, DNS management.

Prolateral also offers a outMail service as well as inbound anti-spam service to compliment your current messaging solution.