Information Security and IT Security is key to protecting your network and stopping your network being a hackers next target

Security Services

In a climate of increasingly sophisticated and indiscriminate hacker break-ins, every internet-connected network is a target. The incalculable business cost of compromising corporate Internet, extranets, intranets should make prevention a top priority of organisations of every size.

Even for those organisations that have deployed firewalls, IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems) and VPN (Virtual Private Network) a vulnerability assessment has become a critical component of an overall network security strategy.

You should ask yourself: what does information represent to your business and what about the potential consequences of that information getting into the wrong hands.

Risk Management and IS&T Security are issues you cannot afford to ignore. One of the greatest challenges facing businesses today is how to secure their Internet connections from hackers and other cyber criminals.

Prolateral Consulting Ltd offers a bespoke solution tailored to your company needs, providing a constant awareness on emerging threats and vulnerabilities resulting in an integrated, proactive approach to mitigating risk.

Prolateral Security Services include:

Vulnerability & Security Assessment
  • Individual host assessment
  • Internal & External network assessments
  • Wireless network assessments
  • Application assessments
Security Management
  • Security Policies
  • Security Design
  • Support towards BS7799 / ISO17799