Information Security and IT Security is key to protecting your network and stopping your network being a hackers next target

Security Assessment

New vulnerabilities emerge at alarming rates, and it becomes easier to exploit them every day. For this reason your business needs to manage these risks by continually reviewing your security policies and infrastructure design. In addition regular vulnerability assessments both inside the company and externally (Internet facing devices) should be carried out.

Prolateral Consulting's security assessment identifies vulnerabilities in both wired and wireless networks. All tests and reports are tailored to meet your requirements as they are all manually completed. With a complete detailed report, which highlights all vulnerabilities and solutions or recommendations for change, we can either implement the changes, or assist your own information technology department.

With a tailored service for your business together we can scope out the size of the project. Prolateral Consulting security assessment is an ethical hacking service any information discovered is kept completely confidential between you and the Prolateral consultant.

A security assessment scope can cover:

  • Network Assessments
    • Internal (Inside the firewall)
      • Host testing
    • External (Outside the firewall, Internet facing)
      • Device testing
      • Firewall testing
  • Application Assessments
    • Web site assessment
      • Client side review
      • Server side review
      • Database exposure
  • Wireless Assessments
    • 802.11
      • Wireless LAN survey
      • Security encryption review
      • network layout and range testing