Information Security and IT Security is key to protecting your network and stopping your network being a hackers next target

Security Management

To run an effective business it is essential to develop and align your security policy with the needs of your business. Your security policy should reach all levels of the organisation starting from the top level board to all the staff. Your security policy must continually evolve with changes in the business, regulations and system infrastructure.

The security policy must be complete, tested and updated regularly to demonstrate due diligence. It only takes one user with sufficient privileges to open a network to vulnerability, more likely due to error than malicious intent.

Understanding how a policy can fit into your business is paramount. Prolateral Consulting works within the guidelines set out in BS7799 / ISO17799. We therefore cover the following, but are not limited to:-

  • Understanding your true business assets
    • Physical
    • Logical
    • People
    • Processes
  • Risk management
    • Understanding the risks
    • Assessing and prioritising the risks
  • Develop security policy
    • Acceptable User Policies (AUP)
    • Firewall
    • Login authentication methods
    • Methods of dealing with security incidents
  • Test your current security plan
    • Security Audit
    • Firewall tests
    • Full host penetration testing
  • Education