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Prolateral offers primary and backup domain (DNS) services, with servers in key geographic locations providing the best service possible.

Prolateral's HQ

Prolateral Consulting is in business to put you in control of the lifeblood of your business: Your Information.

The Internet brings benefits and risks

With the explosive growth of the Internet have come massive business benefits, but also new forms of risk; hacking, Spam, Viruses. Security of the information on which your business depends is critical if you are to survive, and making the best use of that information gives you the advantage over your competitors.

Your business relies on its Information assets

With the majority of business information today being held electronically, it is vulnerable to both attacks and misuse in many more ways than paper-based information. Prolateral Consulting has experience in managing information systems, large and small, in industry and commercial environments since 2003. Ensuring that the business information is accurate, secure, available and (most-importantly) utilised is key to ensuring that your business achieves its goals.

We can help YOUR business

Prolateral Consulting provide integrated, standards-based solutions and consultancy to address the problems of 'Spam' email, viruses, Internet and information security & management. Prolateral Consulting prides itself on its expertise in providing low-maintenance, high-reliability networks and systems that address the customer's and channel partner's needs; utilising the best of the currently available hardware and software technology.

Multi-vendor systems are a reality

Prolateral Consulting is not allied to any particular manufacturer; allowing the full use of the best value and functionality available in the market place. Prolateral Consulting holds qualifications for Microsoft, Novell, RedHat and Cisco, as well as in-depth real-world skills and experience across many sectors.

You need the right solution, not the easiest

We have put our knowledge into creating a set of solutions that work for customers and partners.  Our solution offering has been designed so it can be white-labelled so our channel partners can brand a first class service and increase their own portfolio and revenue streams.

Company Background

Formed in 2003, Prolateral Consulting Ltd was a new company formed by the merger of Crayfish Consulting and Techwise.CX.

TechWise.CX and Crayfish Consulting both formed in the 1990s as the result of identifying a need in the marketplace for high-quality, responsive IT support for small businesses. There are a large number of small and medium sized businesses who cannot justify highly experienced IT professionals on their payroll, but who would benefit greatly from the effective use of Information Technology and Security Services.

The founders of TechWise.CX and Crayfish Consulting, Ian Chilvers and Craig Fisher, cut their teeth in the explosive growth of the telecoms manufacturing industry. The telecoms boom of the 1990s required fast-moving effective solutions for global communication systems, and both Ian and Craig have held senior technical and board-level positions driving IT excellence for global information-driven companies.

With the decline in the telecoms market, it became clear that the experience and expertise gained in designing, implementing and managing business-driven IT systems could be of massive benefit to other businesses. Businesses that did not have the benefit of large budgets in order to learn from their own mistakes.

Crayfish Consulting and TechWise.CX shared their experience and skills with businesses to break down barriers within systems, and helped businesses reap the benefits from their investments.

Prolateral Consulting Ltd provides a proactive attitude to Information systems, combined with a “lateral thinking” approach to best-of-breed solutions. Prolateral is committed to the use of Open Standards and solutions focused on your business needs.

The team at Prolateral Consulting holds Microsoft, Novell, Red Hat, and Cisco professional qualifications allowing the full spectrum of technologies to be employed where appropriate.

In addition the team have extensive project management and information systems security skills and experience.

Based in the newly refurbished Bramingham business centre in Luton, Bedfordshire just off the A6 and near Junction 11 of the M1 gives quick access to London and the north.