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Prolateral offers primary and backup domain (DNS) services, with servers in key geographic locations providing the best service possible.

Adding Clients and Services

To make managing your customers' services a lot easier, it's recommended that you that you add the client in the portal and then add the services to that client.   You can add the clients' services under your own account, but you will not be able to provide login details for the client to see and control their own services.

Of course this may be what you want - and you could just add services under your own account, but you will have to manage their passwords and features.  As a partner you can simply and easily 'become' one of your clients and see what they would see, making managing them a breeze.

If you are using the WHMCS module within your own WHMCS billing system to bill and manage your clients, then the creation of clients and their services is is all handled automatically for you.


Let’s say Mr Joe Bloggs comes to you with a email problem, for which outMail (the outbound SMTP service) is ideal.

From the home page of the portal ( click on the “+ Client” button and fill in the form. This will create the client's account.

Now click the “+ Outmail” to add the desired outmail service.  You can select which of your clients is to own the outmail account. When you click Save to create the account, your partner account will be debited the credits as specified in your tariff; leaving you to bill your customer in whatever preferred billing solution you currently use.  While the client's service is active, credits will be consumed on a monthly basis.

The partner portal provides an array of tools to manage your client billing and visibility of how much credit you will be using.

Please note if you are using the WHMCS Module then your own WHMCS billing system will have billed your customer directly and automatically, depending on how you set up your products/services.


Sending emails with my iPhone was easy until I connected to my WiFi at home and my ISP forces me to change the SMTP settings to them.

With outMail I have just one SMTP server regardless of location.

Carol Green, Luton, Beds