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Welcome to the Partner API Guide. The purpose of this guide is to provide tutorials and best practices for developers creating and working with the My-Engine APIs. Every partner task that you can do in the management portal is available in the API. This will enable developers to integrate the My-Engine services into your own software applications.

If you're looking to write a provisioning module for your billing system or even integrate our services into your own system this is place to start.

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is basically how different machines and software talk to each other to create ever more complex and integrated applications. The My-Engine API is RESTful programming interface.

Let's get started in a few steps

Have a partner account

In order to use the Partner API you need to have an active Partner/Reseller account. If you don't have a Partner Account then you can sign up completely free of charge with the button below. Once the sign up is complete you will be provided partner level access to the portal.

If you already have an (end-user) account with us then at the cart process use your existing login details and that account will get upgraded to a Partner/Reseller account, unless you want a separate partner account.


Activate the Developer Settings

In order to use the Partner API, You first must activate the developer mode by requesting a Partner API Key/Secret

This is done by going to the Developer Menu under the Partner Main Menu

Click the button "Generate API Secret". This is a one time secret so keep it safe because you can only see it once. You can re-generate it, but its only visible once during the generation process.


Enable secure access

My-Engine was built with "security by design" as a key focus. As such the API isn't publicly accessible to the entire Internet.

Instead the Partner API is only accessible for the IP Addresses that you enable it for, and those address/es are only available to your Partner ID.


API Docs

Complete API Documentation can be found below



Need some pointers with example code? Look no further.


What can I use the Partner API for?

Some examples of where the API could be used.

  • Extension to a billing solution.
    E.g. creating a provisioning module for solutions like WHMCS, Shopify, WooCommerce and more.

  • Integration into a CRM solution
    E.g. manage your clients outbound emails via outMail using the RESTFul API

  • Integration into DNS solutions.
    Using the RESTFul API its possible to create & manage backupDNS packages, masterDNS packages and all their zone records.