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White label SMTP Solutions. Become a Partner / Reseller
White label SMTP Solutions. Become a Partner / Reseller
Partner Services
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Partner / Reseller program

Our partner/reseller program is a tailor made whitelabel service providing quality Email solutions for you to brand and resell.

Partners are key to our success. Partnering with Prolateral empowers you to sell messaging services whilst increasing your revenues and giving your customers the piece of mind that the solution you provide has been tested against known vulnerabilities and is continously monitored and updated with no need of additional software or hardware at either your site or the end-users.

Our Partner Programs give you the flexibility to choose the level of engagement with Prolateral that best supports your business needs. Partnership agreements can be extremely flexible and best suited to you and your business, offering you a completely branded service in a exclusive or non-exclusive market sector or geographical area.

What's in it for me (WIIFM)?



Sign up for Free

There is no cost to signing up as a partner. Better still as a partner you can use all the services for FREE with our NFR (Not-For-Resale) licenses. This gives you the ability to :-

  • try the services for free
  • test them for free
  • demo them for free

Set your own pricing

All our services have a recommended retail price (RRP) listed in the portal. However, no pricing information is exposed to the end-user meaning as the partner you can set your own price list for the service.

The gives you the flexibility of setting your own price list, trading with your clients in your preferred currency (noting the relationship between you and us will be in GBP) and using your own preferred billing software.

We do have a WHMCS provisioning module for those partners using WHMCS as their online billing platform.


Flexible costs

All the services you can resell have flexible packages. Meaning as a partner you can upgrade or downgrade an end-user’s service at any time to meet there needs. Therefore, you only pay for the services you and your end-users consume.

All Partners start on the Standard Tariff and receive 10% discount from the RRP (Recommended Retail Price) but can very easily be moved to better tariffs and earn higher returns.

Brand the portal

The portal has been designed so it can be branded with:-

  • your own company details
  • your own logo
  • a colour scheme
  • unique URL to access the portal
  • unique landing & login pages to the portal
  • customisable link to your billing system (Optional)
  • customisable link to your support system (Optional)
  • fully customisable email templates

All system generated messages can be branded and modified to suit each partner. The portal can be customised to link to your own support system and billing solutions.


Management Portal

All the services available to the partner are white labelled cloud-based solutions. Meaning no hardware or software for you to install, setup or maintain. Services are setup instantly, so your clients could be using the service with no delay.

As a partner you will be able to :

  • Control your partner account and the portal
  • Brand the white-labelled portal with your own logo, company info and colour scheme
  • Create and Manage your own clients
  • Give your clients access to the branded portal so they can view/manage their own services
  • And much much more. See the list of benefits

Start Earning

As a partner / reseller you set your own pricing and handle your own billing. This means you set your own profit margins and can see your revenue increase straight away.


Partner Support

For all of the online services we have a good selection of knowledge base articles, how to guides, and an online team of professionals to assist you.


Everything you can do in the portal as a partner has been made available to you using the Partner API (Application Programming Interface).

From the API you can create, delete, edit, update clients and their services. Check out the getting started guide for using the Partner API.


What services can I resell?

As a partner you will be able to resell :

  • outMail - secure outgoing SMTP Mail relay service
  • profilter - premier inbound spam filtering solution
  • backupMX - secondary/backup mail service
  • fakeMX - inbound anti-spam solution that complements profilter
  • masterDNS - Master DNS and zone services (without needing to transfer domains)
  • backupDNS - Secondary/Backup DNS services

Prolateral saved the day with outMail when my ISP started blocking port 25.  Very simple signup and excellent how to guides for my desktop pc and mobile device.

The instructions were extremely helpful when setting up my Apple iPad too.

P Keating, Luton, Bedfordshire, UK

Becoming a Partner is as easy as 1,2,3

Sign up

Sign up as Partner/Reseller completely free of charge. Once the sign up is complete you will be provided partner level access to the portal.

If you already have an account with us then at the cart process use your existing login details unless you want a separate partner account.


Try it

You have access to NFR (Not For Resale) licenses for each of the services you can resell.

Create yourself an outMail account and test the outbound SMTP services.

Try proFilter and enjoy the spam filtering on your domain FREE under the NFR license.


Brand it

The portal is white-labelled so you can add your logos, customise landing pages and email templates, etc.

You will be assigned a unique hostname for the portal, so the logon process will also include your branding


Add Credits

As a new partner you will assigned to a tariff. By default this will be a "Standard level partner" which gives you a 10% discount from the RRP (Recommended Retail Price).

When you're ready to start reselling the services to your customers add some credits to your account. It works like a piggy-bank. You add a balance of credits onto your account and then active services will consume those credits over time.

Don't worry. You will always receive alerts when it's time to top up the piggy-bank with credits again.


Add Clients

You can add your customers under your account by adding Clients.

As a branded solution the portal can be used by your clients as well so they can view and manage their own services that they have.

The portal is fully GDPR compliant, for more information please refer to our privacy policy.


Add Services

You can add the services for a customer under their own account. Clients can then log into the white-labelled portal and manage their own services should you wish.


Increase revenue

With each service you resell you are increasing your revenue.

Our partner level tiering is designed for your profit and growth. With straightforward goals and requirements, Partner/Resellers can easily progress through the tiers to receive more attractive benefits and higher discounts from the RRP (Recommended Retail Price).

Starting out as a Partner/Reseller, you’ll be placed on the Standard level so you can make best use of the portal. As your sales increase you will be changed to better tariffs and partner levels (Silver, Gold, Platinum).


Automation (Optional)

We have a WHMCS provisioning module FREE to use, for those partners that want to sell online and automate the process.

To use the "My-Engine" provisioning module you will need a fully licensed and working installation of WHMCS of your own. Installation of the module is quick and easy. Once installed there is a builtin wizard to help you add the services to your WHMCS and you'll soon be reselling online.



  1. All Partner/Resellers will automatically be signed up for the "Standard Level", but if target sales aren't met each year then your Partner level will be reduced.
  2. You can request a tariff review at any time from inside the portal (partner area). However we will review tariffs annually (every 3 months for the first year) to ensure you are on the best level.
  3. If your sales go above a threshold your tariff/partner level can be reviewed.
  4. If your sales fall below a threshold your tariff/partner level will be reduced.
  5. Any changes to partner levels will be done so giving 14 days notice in writing by email.