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Prolateral offers primary and backup domain (DNS) services, with servers in key geographic locations providing the best service possible.

Outgoing SMTP Email Services for Home Users

outMail is an outgoing SMTP email service for use on your computer/laptop in your home, home office and portable devices.  It will allow you to send emails from most major email clients using your own email address or domain name. Using outMail has many advantages compared to using your Internet Service Providers server.

Send emails from your Internet connection using any email address or your domain name

Some Internet service providers will only let you send emails from their own email addresses.  With outMail you can send SMTP emails from your own domain name and other email address. outMail also supports alternative TCP/IP ports for SMTP (typically SMTP uses port 25) incase your ISP is blocking the port.

Avoid your emails being blacklisted

Some ISPs outgoing mail servers may become blacklisted. There are many reasons why an email server can be blacklisted, but the most common reason is lack of attention. ISPs are often large and busy companies whos focus isn't always on backend services like SMTP server. As such they can often get abused quickly and this affects that servers sending reputation. We (Prolateral) are committed to email delivery and have strict acceptable user policies and constant monitoring of our systems. We also use third party blacklists to help ensure our servers remain unlisted and thus give our server the very best sending reputation.

Support for SMTP Applications

  • Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail.
  • Thunderbird, Mozilla
  • eM Client.
  • Apple Mac Mail.
  • Pegasus Mail
  • and many more.


  • Instant account creation - start sending emails instantly after signing up.
  • Send emails from your home - Support for Desktop & Mobile applications.
  • Send emails from away - no need to change SMTP server settings whilst away, just use outMail.
  • Send emails from any address - no limit on send from email addresses or domains.
  • Send emails from any location - ideal for home, office, and mobile users and devices.
  • Mail Relay Outbound Service - SMTP Authenticated Internet Mail Relay.
  • Standard SMTP ports - SMTP port 25 supported.
  • Alternative SMTP ports - additional SMTP TCP ports available to void your ISP blocking standard SMTP ports.
  • SMTP Based Authentication - allows sending emails securely via authentication.
  • Daily quota limits - based on package.
  • Flexible quota burst - allowing for the days you need to exceed your quota (Quota explained here).


Choose the best package that suites your requirements.

Package Plan

Daily message limit

Cost per month


Outmail 10


£0.00 (FREE)

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Outmail 100



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Outmail 200



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Outmail 300



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Outmail 500



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Outmail 1000



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Outmail 2000



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Outmail 10000



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Prices exclude VAT

The table above shows the different outMail packages that are available based on the number of emails you need to send.


Complete how to guides with step-by-step instructions on how to configure your client mail application are here



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outMail is an outgoing SMTP service. So when setting up outMail on your desktop application only modify the outbound SMTP Server settings, and leave the inbound (POP3 or IMAP) settings as they were. outMail is a service for outgoing emails only and doesn't change how your inbound emails are delivered or stored.

Have been running my own mail server for ten years and never had a problem sending mail through my Internet service provider’s SMTP server (Nildram/TalkTalk). However I changed to BT Infinity for the faster upload speeds and it turned out all emails not sent from a btinternet address are rejected.

I searched the internet for SMTP Service Providers and I came across your service (outMail) and you have saved me greatly! Perfectly priced and works superbly!

Martin Leggott, Lincolnshire, UK