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Prolateral offers primary and backup domain (DNS) services, with servers in key geographic locations providing the best service possible.

Reselling using WHMCS

If you use WHMCS to look after your online business from client management, billing to support then you can now manage all the Prolateral services by using WHMCS as well. 

How does it work?

In order to use this module, you will need to be already signed up as Prolateral Partner / Reseller.  Once you have been accepted as a Partner you need to download the My-Engine (by Prolateral) WHMCS Provisioning Module and install it into your own WHMCS environment, use the my-engine wizard to create the products/services on your own website that you wish to resell.

When a client purchases the service on your WHMCS system and you have accepted the order the My-Engine WHMCS module creates the client and service in the Prolatral Partner Portal, at the same time reduces your partner-credits at the rate specified in your tariff.

The Prolateral WHMCS module supports the following

  • account & service creation
  • account & service suspension and un-suspension
  • automatic upgrade and downgrades
  • account & service termination
  • Back-end Dashboard widget for seeing your partner-credit balance & 30day forecast
  • Seamless links to the white-labelled portal
  • No need to add WHMCS email templates for my-engine services as they are managed in the partner portal
  • Meets Data Protection and GDPR requirements
  • Supports PHP5.6 and PHP7
  • Supports WHMCS v7

All other management of Prolateral services are done via the partner portal, which is a brandable white labelled portal.

Features include:

  • Brandable portal for you and your clients to use
  • Your logo, your contact details, etc
  • Your own specified URL –
  • Your own customer emails (editable templates) for system generated events
  • Create/Suspend/Unsuspend/Terminate Clients and Services
  • Partner forecasting
  • Partner-Credit alerts
  • Partner reports
  • Clients have management and report access to their services
  • The entire portal was designed with security by design and is GDPR compliant

Getting the Module

The WHMCS My-Engine provisioning module is available directly from the WHMCS Marketet Place.

Please note the module is available as a ZIP file from the WHMCS MarketPlace. Within that ZIP file are two modules. The "My-Engine Add-on" module and the "My-Engine Server" provisioning module (Both are needed). The Add-On module adds the My-Engine services to your WHMCS installation, when a service is then purchase by one of your clients that service is created in My-Engine using the Server provisioning module.


Setup Videos

This video shows you how to configure the My-Engine (by Prolateral) WHMCS provisioning module.


This video shows you how to use the My-Engine WHMCS module


Removing the My-Engine module

To uninstall and remove the My-Engine module you need to navigate to the Setup -> Addon Modules with in your own WHMCS Admin pages, then simply click the deactivate button.

More information on removing modules with in WHMCS can be found in the WHMCS Documentation

I’d taken my laptop to Australia with me and Outlook was feeding me incoming e-mails with no trouble but I couldn’t get anything to send. 

A call to Prolateral instantly diagnosed the problem and offered a solution which they put in place in minutes.

It solved another problem I didn’t even know I had too!  Great service, thanks!

Robert John, Marsworth, Buckinghamshire

Become a Partner
  • Resell Email Services
  • Resell Trusted SMTP Smarthosts
  • Resell SMTP Spam Filtering solutions
  • Brand the white-labelled portal with your details
  • Add your logo, company details and unique hostname
  • Manage all your clients and their services
  • Increase your revenue
  • Automate online selling with our provisioning module