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Secondary DNS (aka BackupDNS) Services
Secondary DNS (aka BackupDNS) Services
BackupDNS Services
BackupDNS Services - Last Frame

Backup DNS Service

Prolateral offers a secondary DNS (Backup DNS) service giving you a complete redundant solution for your domain name and domain records.


Managed DNS

The management portal allows you to manage your domain names and the master DNS server settings.

Cloud DNS

Our DNS (Domain Names Servers) infrastructure is designed to give a fast response on a redundant platform so your domain records are always available.



Our cloud based infrastructure is geographically spread across the globe to provide better fault tolerance and support customers business continuity plans.

Bulk provisioning of zones

We offer backupDNS packages for one domain and many domains. If you have multiple domains then consider the package size that meets your requirements.


Secondary DNS

backupDNS is just another name for Secondary DNS. Secondary DNS is the process where slave DNS servers replicate the zone records of a master DNS server.