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backupMX a hosted secondary SMTP server for business continuity
Backup MX
Backup MX

What happens if your mail server goes offline?

Worried about your mail server going offline during a maintenance window or worse, it dies?

Worry no more with Backup MX, because if your server goes offline or becomes too busy to answer an incoming email then we will receive your emails while your server is unavailable and then deliver them on to you when your server is ready.

backupMX Benefits



Support Standard SMTP

BackupMX supports the standard SMTP protocol. Which means its quick and easy to setup by updating your MX DNS records.

No Outlay

BackupMX is a cloud based service which means you have no additional hardware or software to install.


Support for SMTP servers

Because backupMX is fully SMTP compliant means it will work with any existing SMTP servers you have installed (Exchange, Groupwise, Notes, Mercury, SendMail, Postfix, and many more).

Spam Protection

Our reputation is the key to our success so even backupMX has a level of spam protection built in, including greylisting.


Management Portal

From the management portal you can manage your backupMX service.

Disaster Recovery

BackupMX is a valuable tool with your businesses disaster recovery planning and business continuity. We are a reliable SMTP Server Provider with excellent service reputation. With backupMX you get a fault tolerant solution for our message (email) delivery.


* Each domain is allowed 1Gb of email or 100,000 messages to be queued.  Which ever limit is reached first.  Larger options are available upon request for additional fees.
** Emails will be queued for up to 7 days.


The BackupMX service has given me and the company peace of mind knowing that our emails will get backed up even when something happens to our mail server.

Bob Wilson, Milton Keynes, Bucks

Spam protection

Backup MX does include simple email checking to help prevent spammers from using our email servers to propagate spam to your mail server.

Backup MX checks the following:

  • reverse DNS is configured correctly on the sending mail server
  • Email address validation
  • Email header validation
  • Greylisting enabled
  • RBL checks enabled

If you are looking for a full anti-spam service then try profilter.