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Prolateral offers primary and backup domain (DNS) services, with servers in key geographic locations providing the best service possible.


Setting up Fake MX

To use the Fake MX service you need to make a simple change to your DNS (Domain Name Service) settings for your domain.

First you need to know what MX records you already have.  In the example below the domain name has two existing mail servers and the MX records are below.

MX 10

MX 20

So with this example you would need to add the Fake MX service as the lowest priority mail server which means the higher MX number.  So the new MX records will now look like the below.

MX 10

MX 20

MX 30


Please don't setup your MX records with the name because it doesn't exist.  Please use the server name that is sent to you in your welcome email when you sign up for the service or you can find this information in the management portal.

Removing and Uninstalling

If you no longer want to use the fakeMX service you can cancel at anytime from within the secure clients area. To remove/uninstall fakeMX simply update the DNS records for the domain and remove the entry you added in the setup procedure.


By adding the FakeMX server to my domain I got rid of 80% spam that was hitting my primary mail server.  That server is running spam filtering as well, so by adding FakeMX I've taken a load of the main server.

Duncan Harvey, Woking, Surrey

Removing and Uninstall

If you no longer wish to use FakeMX then the removal is as simple as the setup was.

You will need to modify the MX records for your domain name and remove/delete the record that exists for fakeMX.

If you're not sure of what MX records to change then please speak to your IT support team or contact us.