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Domain Name Services
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Domain Name Services

Prolateral offers primary and backup domain (DNS) services, with servers in key geographic locations providing the best service possible.

Do I need DNS Services?

Yes. Domain Name Services (DNS) are vital to the workings of the Internet. There primary purpose is to convert human readable domain names, URL’s and email addresses into IP Addresses so the correct information or request reaches the correct machine on the Internet

How many DNS servers do I need?

At a minimum you need two DNS servers for each domain name you have.  Prolaterals domain hosting service will automatically allocate your domain onto four of our DNS servers located throughout the globe.

I have a domain name hosted already, do I need a backup?

The Secondary DNS service provides a redundant name service for a domain that you own and whose DNS you manage on your own nameserver(s). The servers providing Secondary DNS are located thoughout the world on separate networks to prevent any downtime caused by a single catastrophic event. With our Secondary DNS service you no longer have to wonder, "Is my nameserver still up?" We will continue to resolve your queries even if yours goes down.

Good reliable service. Easy to use portal.

Dean Hatch