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Secondary DNS services
Back up your DNS Zone & Records
Backup DNS

Prolateral offers primary and backup domain (DNS) services, with servers in key geographic locations providing the best service possible.

Cost Bulk Domain Name Backup Solution

£18.38 per month


  • Secondary/Backup 75 Domain names
  • You can run your own primary server (privately) and use us as the public servers
  • Increased fault tolerance and security of your domain name records
  • Servers in different geographical locations
  • Servers in the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA
  • Manage your domains in the portal
  • Easy to add or remove domains from the list
  • Instant setup
  • No setup fees


To order BackupDNS75 click here.

Bulk DNS Domain Name Backups

Looking to backup more than 75 domains then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Additional services


Are you plagued by unsolicited junk email? Then profilter is the answer for you.


outMail is a secure SMTP Smarthost service providing world class outbound email delivery.

Domain hosting

Do you need primary (master) and/or secondary (slave) domain name servers. Prolateral's domain hosting solution can give you simple peace of mind with a backup/secondary DNS service or complete control over your domain as a primary master zone.

Web hosting

Web hosting from Prolateral is the easy way to get your website online. Great value UK web hosting with advanced features.


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