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Prolateral offers primary and backup domain (DNS) services, with servers in key geographic locations providing the best service possible.

The benefits of Joomla! and CMS

Joomla offers website owners and developers great features and benefits. 

Joomla! is free, open-source and available to anyone under the GPL license.  New features, modules, components, extensions and improvements are added with each release.  The Joomla community offers help and advice which has become award-winning.

The official site for Joomla can be seen at - we highly recommend reading through their discussion forums and community sections.

Joomla is well supported by a community of developers and service providers. Prolateral is a web hosting service provider that supports Joomla installations.

The main benefits of using Joomla as your Content Management System is how easy it is to add or modify content. It is straightforward to include images and multimedia, and organise and manage your website's contents.


Joomla Benefits from a Luton UK based Joomla Hosting Company