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Prolateral offers primary and backup domain (DNS) services, with servers in key geographic locations providing the best service possible.

Partner- FAQ

Please see below some frequently asked questions regarding our whitelabel partner/reseller program.


Both our companies are in business to be successful, the partner program is designed to help both our businesses by extending your product portfolio to include our services. The rest is up to you.

Simple - once you have an existing service with us, you can become a partner by selecting to sign up Partner Services area. You can also sign up and add some credit at the same time.

You'll need to add some credit to your account to enable you to start adding services.

Once your partner account has been activated, you will be able to add your own Clients and Services and get access to the Partner Branding setup.

The system works by you keeping your account in credit. The more services you use/resell the more your credits are consumed. The system will send you reminder emails when your credits reach a certain level which can be set by you. Information on your signups and your usage is available through the portal, and can be downloaded as CSV files.

Handy graphs show your forthcoming usage so you can predict when you need to top-up, and you can set the level at which you are reminded to add credit to your account.

Credit limit alert can be changed in the partner section of the portal under the settings->alerts tab.

Your account hasn’t been partner enabled. If you have already signed up to be a partner then raise a support ticket by going to If you haven’t signed up as a partner then you can sign up here.

Credit can be added to your account from any of the “+ Credit” icons in the partner section of the portal or you can also add credit by going direct to

Well that is really up to you. As a partner you will get a 10% reduction on services purchased, but as the Portal can be branded as your own - it's up to you what and how you charge your clients.

Each service will consume your credits and depending on your which service it is and indeed your tariff plan you are on will depend on how much credits are consumed. Your tariff plan can be seen in the portal section in the Tariff Tab. This details costs by credits and currency for each type of service you are reselling, as well as the RRP for the services.

Each service will consume credits depending on which service it is. Higher level partners consume fewer credits. As a guide, being a partner, you will get between 10% and 30% off the list-price of services.

Your tariff plan can be seen in the portal section in the Tariff Tab. This details costs by credits and currency for each type of service you are reselling, and a comparison with the RRP.

For more details on how to do this please click here.

Well that really is entirely up to you. The portal is setup to consume credits and report on the credits used and live services thus enabling you to use any billing solution that you currently have already.

If you are using WHMCS as your online billing system then Prolateral offers a LiveServices module to integrate the Prolateral service into your very own billing system, so the account creation and billing can be completely automatic.

Prolateral will continue to monitor the market place and will regularly keep you advised of pricing changes.

Yes, As a partner you can brand/whitelabel the portal with a selection of themes/skins plus you can display your own company logo and contact details.

For details to change the logo and brand the portal with your own company logo please see the KB article by clicking here. For details to whitelabel the portal with your own company theme please see the KB article by clicking here.

You can brand and resell the following services; all accessed via the portal (which is white labelled and totally brandable).

By default you will signed up as a standard partner which entitles you to 10% discount from RRP. Other partner levels are available but subject to volumes. If you want to discuss tariff options with Prolateral then please give us a call or raise a trouble ticket with support

If you want to discuss tariff options with Prolateral then please give us a call or raise a trouble ticket with support and we can discuss further


We have developed a WHMCS service module that means you can extend all the partner services we provide to your own WHMCS Billing system. If you would like more information on the WHMCS LiveServices module then please contact us.

The My-Engine WHMCS provisioning can be found in the WHMCS Marketplace. More information on the WHMCS provisioning module (My-Engine) can be found here.


All the services that are available to you as a Partner can either be managed in the management portal or by a RESTful Partner API. This means if your wanted to create a provisioning module for your own applications or 3rd party billing tools its easy with the Partner API.

For more information on the partner APIs and the getting started guide please see here.


Please the getting started guide first, but code examples in PHP, Visual C# and Javascript/jQuery can be found here.

Oh no!!!

Is it something we've done? or not done?

If you wish to leave us then please contact us as there are several things to consider

  • Any existing clients and services you still have.
  • Refunding the balance of partner credits to you.


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