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Prolateral Consulting Ltd
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Prolateral offers primary and backup domain (DNS) services, with servers in key geographic locations providing the best service possible.

What is proFilter?

Prolateral's profilter is a leading edge e-tool providing managed email security services for businesses. Operating at Internet-level, we offer industry-leading protection for organisations in the UK; providing them protection against threats such as spam, viruses and other unwanted content before they reach their networks.

What we deliver:

  • Up to 100% clean inbox without viruses, spam or unwanted content
  • Email threats combatted and stored away from your network
  • A predictable cost that requires no additional hardware, software or updates, delivering low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Dynamic service providing real time protection at time of virus outbreaks
  • Added email management services such as email continuity, disaster recovery, email attack and directory harvest protection
  • Ability to easily and rapidly deliver future email security services
  • Single and multiple user availability
  • Customer friendly interface with real time stats
  • Online Statistical dashboard
  • Set-up within 24 hours of receiving MX or DNS records
  • Continuously updated virus and spam comparison directories
  • Over 5312 spam rules used and rising
  • Multi-stage virus filters for complete virus detection
  • Ability to scan compressed (zip) files* and PDF files
  • Scans headers and content
  • Ability to identify phishing (scam emails) 
  • Easy and location independent setup and administration
  • Service and support with threat monitoring and response

I am impressed and getting on well with the spam filtering system.  I was getting around 100 spam emails a day including some in foreign languages but thats all changed thanks to proFilter.

Dennis Healey, Luton, Bedfordshire.