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Prolateral offers primary and backup domain (DNS) services, with servers in key geographic locations providing the best service possible.

Why Partner

Prolateral Consulting is 100% focused on the channel partner program.  Your business is our business.  By extending your product portfolio and offering a managed Internet solution you can give your clients the peace of mind that their security is really one of your top priorities.

The channel partner scheme allows you to provide a branded solution reselling Prolateral’s profilter (anti-spam messaging solution), outMail (outbound SMTP smarthost) and DNS-Engine (Primary and BackUp DNS)

Email message security and management

With profilter you can increase your year on year revenue, whilst encouraging your clients to be more secure – meaning less headaches for both you and them.

Spam is on the increase and it’s our core business to provide our partners with a solution to remove and manage spam and email borne viruses.  So let us make our core business part of your core service offerings.

Trusted outbound email

More and more users are becoming mobile and suffering from restrictions by their ISP (Internet Service Provider) with regards to sending emails from specific connections or domain names.

outMail is a secure authenticated SMTP (Simple Message Transfer Protocol) relay and smarthost meaning your clients can send emails from any device, in any location, using any domain name they own.

Robust and flexible Domain management

Often it is the case that your client has already purchased their domain name before approaching you and frequently budget providers don’t give them total control of the domain name records. DNS Engine provides both primary DNS (Domain Name Service) and secondary (Backup) DNS.

Primary DNS gives you total control of the domain name records. No transfer is necessary to use the service just a simple change to the glue records to point them at the Prolateral DNS servers.

You may already have a DNS server, but you need to give your clients the peace of mind that their domains aren’t going to vanish if your server has a problem. Secondary DNS, also known as Backup DNS, is the perfect solution for you and your clients providing a fault tolerant and global DNS solution, without any change to your existing setup.


A word from the Operations Director


Prolateral saved the day with outMail when my ISP started blocking port 25.  Very simple signup and excellent how to guides for my desktop pc and mobile device.

The instructions were extremely helpful when setting up my Apple iPad too.

P Keating, Luton, Bedfordshire, UK

Become a Partner
  • Resell Email Services
  • Resell Trusted SMTP Smarthosts
  • Resell SMTP Spam Filtering solutions
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  • Manage all your clients and their services
  • Increase your revenue
  • Automate online selling with our provisioning module