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Prolateral offers primary and backup domain (DNS) services, with servers in key geographic locations providing the best service possible.

Setting up Backup MX

This service couldn't be any easier to setup.

  • No hardware to add
  • No software to install
  • Just a simple change to your DNS MX records

Before you sign up for BackUp MX your DNS MX records probably look something like this

MX 10

When you sign up for Backup MX you will receive a welcome email detailing the setup up instructions and more importantly the SMTP server you have been assigned to.  With that information you will need to modify your DNS (Domain Name Service) records for your domain and add a MX record.  When adding the MX record ensure the priority number is higher than the current primary record. So your records should then look similar to the below.

MX 10

MX 20


Please do not set up MX records using the server  Please use the server information as highlighted in your welcome email or you can find this information in the management portal after you have signed up.

Removing and Uninstalling

If you no longer want to use the backupMX service you can cancel at anytime from within the secure clients area. To remove/uninstall backupMX simply update the DNS records for the domain and remove the entry you added in the setup procedure.

The BackupMX service has given me and the company peace of mind knowing that our emails will get backed up even when something happens to our mail server.

Bob Wilson, Milton Keynes, Bucks

Removing and Uninstall

If you no longer wish to use BackupMX then the removal is as simple as the setup was.

You will need to modify the MX records for your domain name and remove/delete the record that exists for backupMX.

If you're not sure of what MX records to change then please speak to your IT support team or contact us.