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Prolateral announces the launch of its Backup DNS service.

Backup DNS (Domain Name Service) also known as Secondary DNS is a service giving you peace-of-mind that your domain name records will still be live on the Internet even if your own name server goes down.

Prolateral Consulting Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of its Backup DNS service.

Some people new to the Internet often do not understand the need for an off-site backup DNS server.  After all, you have a name server running DNS for your domain already. Maybe your hosting company is looking after your DNS on their server. 

What if that server suffers a power-outage or complete server failure? Or what if your ISP has connectivity or routing issues? Suddenly your domain name isn't visible anymore and users start getting email bounce backs and error messages saying your website doesn't exist.  The result is you could lose business and worse still damage your company reputation.

This is where a backup DNS service comes in to play. Prolateral's backup DNS service (also known as Secondary DNS) is located on multiple servers located throughout the globe. With sites in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia it means that your DNS records are mirrored from your name server to our name servers.  Prolateral's name servers will continue answering DNS queries for your domain name even if your server can't, meaning you are always alive on the Internet.

Operations Director, Ian Chilvers said, "This should be part of every companies disaster recovery plan. If company owners and/or directors could calculate the value in lost business for every time they have suffered DNS or Hosting issues this would surely be a no brainer".

For more information on the Secondary DNS service please click here

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