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Prolateral Consulting Ltd
Epsilon, an online marketing services provider, was hacked in early April 2011 resulting in the theft of millions of email addresses. The hacked company is a service provider whose core business is email marketing and digital marketing.

Prolateral wants to reassure all customers of outMail – our high volume outbound email delivery service and SMTP mail relay smarthost. As part of our acceptable use policy the service is provided for permission based marketing and transactional emails.

Whilst it is in our clients interest to manage and control their own email address lists Prolateral does not keep any customer-owned email addresses or financial information. All email address lists are the proprietary information of our clients and kept private and confidential.

The outMail cluster servers handle a large volume of email traffic for our customers but at no point are emails, or email addresses, stored beyond the standard store and forward mechanisms designed into the system to ensure the best service to our clients.

Craig Fisher, Technical Director at Prolateral said "Information Security is a key issue for businesses today. The relationship a company has with its clients is critical in the modern age of 'connected' businesses and the blurring of social-networking with business-client relationships. We provide flexible outbound email services that allow our clients the ability to send email whenever, and wherever they need to - but our management tools allow us to ensure that it is not being abused by irresponsible marketing companies."

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Prolateral Consulting is in business to put your organisation back in control of your own Information Technology, specialising in information and messaging security, inbound and outbound SMTP services, web hosting and DNS services.

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