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Notice of scheduled migration for outMail users and services.

The outMail service is going through an upgrade which means existing customers will need to make some necessary changes on their outbound SMTP settings.

So outMail customers, please keep reading…

We have recently been upgrading our outMail clusters with new underlying technology that supports our new cloud services. The benefits of this upgrade to all our users are:

  • Better perfomance.
  • Greater deliverability by increased reputation
  • Increased throughout, by changing our Tier 1 bandwidth provider.
  • Higher resilience and fault tolerance.
  • Full TLS/SSL support
  • IPv6 enabled clusters

Benefits to Partner/Resellers:

  • In addition to the above list
  • We are moving outMail to a new domain name to provide better branding for whitelabel partners.

So what has to be done?

All outMail users will receive an email advising them of the changes necessary to be completed by them. It will be a very quick and simple change.

You will only need to update the outgoing smtp server setting. The outMail username and password will remain unchanged.

What happens if I do nothing I hear you say?

If you carry on using the old server name your emails will still be accepted for delivery and things should work as normal. However if your client/server is tls enabled you will most likely see certificate error messages when connecting and depending on your email setup could result in your emails being rejected, so it is important to update your smtp server settings.

Whats that new smtp server name?

You will be assigned to a new outMail cluster and receive an email with instructions over the next few days/weeks

I'm connecting to outMail by IP Address and not FQDN, do I need to do anything?

Yes, You will still need to update your outgoing SMTP server details to reflect the new server, because as part of the cloud upgrade we have had to release a number of IP Addresses back RIPE (can’t hang on to them with the limitations on IPv4 addresses).

How long have I got to update my smtp settings?

Ideally you need to update your outgoing smtp server settings before Friday 29th April 2016. After that date all old DNS server names will be redirected to the new cluster so you will still be able to send emails, but you might get a certificate error message. After Friday 6th May the old IP Addresses will no longer work.

Whats the scheduled migration dates?

Starting from 1st April 2016 all new customers will be automatically signed up to the new clusters.  During the course of April existing customers will be migrated to the new clusters. Don't panic, anyone still using the old server names after the migration will still work (however take note of the known issues with that above).  Completion date for the migration is Friday 9th May 2016.

What information will I receive?

You will see a series of emails from us detailing the new cluster information and actions outmail users will need to take.

Please also keep an eye on our network status page, facebook page and twitter feed.

How do I update my outgoing smtp server settings?

How to guides can be found at

A note about SPF records.

If you currently have a SPF record for your own domain name and it includes then this will remain valid and updated.

However, going forward we are also supporting "" so it is advised that you update your SPF records to “”. More information on SPF records can be found here, and more information on how to create an SPF for your own domain to include outMail can be found here.


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