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Today we have added to the management portal a RESTful API.  This will enable partners & resellers to manage all their clients and their services from either in the portal or via a RESTful API.  My-Engine is a management portal for inbound (profilter) and outbound (outMail) SMTP services, fakeMX & backupMX services and DNS services.  All of which can be branded for partners so it fits into their own portfoliio of solutions, a white-labelled portal.

What is the Partner API?

The partner API is an extension to the existing management portal where we (Prolateral) have exposed all the features and functions of the portal in a RESTful API.

What Can I do with API?

From the API as a Partner you can add, delete, manage, suspend and unsuspend clients. Likewise, you can create, terminate, suspend, unsuspend and regrade all of the services under a client or partner.

Why do I need the Partner API?

A quick example would be provisioning modules. Prolateral already provides a WHMCS provisioning module to enable Partners to resell the My-Engine service using their own WHMCS system.

With the API its now possible for partners to develop additional provisioning modules for other eCommerce solutions like wooCommerce, Shopify, BoxBilling and many more...

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