Prolateral Consulting Ltd
Prolateral Consulting Ltd

Prolateral recently have embarked on how it can help its fellow chamber members increase their network security and at the same time benefit from the recent changes in Prolateral's marketing philosophy.

Prolateral Operations Director, Ian Chilvers comments. "We are now purely selling to the channel which means we can now adopt a more customer centric approach and concentrate on development of Profilter, our in house anti spam solution." Ian went on further to say that, "so far we have not been utilising the benefits of being chamber members, by actively supporting the chamber and assisting in the training we can provide the chamber and its members with an extra means of generating interest and promoting network security and in particular reducing the number of nuisance emails."

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Prolateral Consulting is in business to put your organisation back in control of your own Information Technology, specialising in information and messaging security, inbound and outbound SMTP services, web hosting and DNS services.

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