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Prolateral offers primary and backup domain (DNS) services, with servers in key geographic locations providing the best service possible.

BackupDNS - FAQ

Please see below some frequently asked questions regarding BackupDNS.

In addition to the below please also see the frequently asked questions for general domain hosting.

Yes, you can easily had listed in the NS records your own DNS servers as well as the backupDNS servers.

Yes, but you need to keep you primary DNS (Authoritative) server online so backupDNS can mirror the zone file records. You don't to have the master DNS server listed in the NS records and just have the backupDNS NS servers list. This is often an option used by people who want to keep a secure DNS server away from public and reduce the load on the master server whilst leaving the backupDNS servers to provide global coverage.

No problem, we have different backupDNS packages to suite your needs. So if you have multiple domains you want to secondary with us, lets say for this example 7 domains, then you could purchase the backupDNS10 and then list the domains in the portal.

No, With masterDNS you get edit your zone file in the portal and its already allocated to at least 5 ( DNS servers.

The most common answer to this problem is you haven't given your primary DNS server authority to allow zone file transfers. Please see in the portal in the settings of your backupDNS package this will detail the servers you have been assigned to and therefore need to allow through your firewall and authorise on the primary DNS server.


Zone File transfer is a techy term referring to the process of allowing a secondary/backup DNS server access to the primary/master DNS server so it can replicate/mirror/copy the DNS records for that domain name.

Domain transfer is the process of moving a domain name from one registar to another.

If you no longer want to use the BackupDNS service you can cancel at anytime from within the secure clients area.

In the Secure Clients Area select the menu 'My Services'. Find the desired service you wish to cancel and select it. Then click on the button 'Request Cancellation'.

You will also need to remove the NS records from within your domain names DNS settings, please see the setup section or the support pages for additional information on setup and removal of the BackupDNS service.