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Continuing our series on security predictions for 2010 and how to help you stay ahead of the game.

The increasing trend over 2009 has been more attacks by using a technique called "social engineering". This style of attack is typically carried out using social networking and messaging sites. 


Regardless of the users operating-system and array of security protection installed, this type of attack targets the user directly.  The users are being tricked into downloading malware or even divulging sensitive information whilst doing something that looks perfectly innocent. They are using the fact that you can't install Antivirus on a human being! The only defense that you have is a healthy scepticism of things that are offered to them for free, and to keep your information to yourself.

Our prediction for 2010 is that we will surely see an increase in this type of attack; the security industry is working on technologies such as "reputation based security" and "trusted site security" for the social networking sites to incorporate into their websites.  However the onus is still with the end user to be extra vigilant on such sites.  If it looks too good to be true or you're in doubt then don't click on it or download it.

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