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Continuing our series on security predictions for 2010 and how to help you stay ahead of the game. Today we look at the trend in Scareware.

As the number of threats increase year on year; 2009 has seen a massive explosion in unique malware threats.  Likewise the use of 'scareware' techniques have increased. 


The most famous scareware recently was AntiVirus 2009 (also known as XP AntiVirus) where you received an alert saying your PC was infected; with a link to download and install a rogue security application to remove the infection. The user is charged money for nothing, the scammers have your credit-card details, and if you're lucky - the fake viruses will stop being flagged up.

Our prediction for 2010 is that more and more rogue security software vendors will increase their efforts to scare users into downloading software.  In fact we have already seen AntiVirus 2010 released and infection rates are on the increase.

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