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Continuing our series on security predictions for 2010 and how to help you stay ahead of the game. Today we look at operating systems.

Microsoft has already released the first security patches for the new operating system.  As with earlier versions of Windows vulnerabilities will be found in Windows 7.



The PC market share is enormous compared to Linux and Mac, so it comes with no great surprise that the majority of attacks are targeted against the PC market.

However in 2009 we saw Macs and handheld devices (smartphone and iPhone) being targeted more by malware.  As these operating systems increase in popularity our prediction for 2010 is more attackers will devote time in creating malware to exploit these devices.

As malware authors are out to make money it stands to reason they will continue the majority of their efforts on the larger market share and therefore Windows 7 will be no exception to attacks and exploited vulnerabilities as are its predecessors.

Prolateral cannot emphasise enough to keep your computer up to date with all vendor security updates and patch, patch and patch.

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