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The incident earlier this month was caused by roadworks digging through cable ducts near Flamstead, but this time it would appear that vandals have attempted to either maliciously damage cables - or damaged then during an attempted theft of copper cables - the BBC have coverage of the repair work underway at Redbourn Common.

The links are all now repaired (as of 7.30pm 30/3) - but there are still outstanding issues at some exchanges which are being investigated.

You can get more information on the following ISP status pages:-

Redundant Connections

Those clients for whom the Internet is business-critical have already taken steps to ensure business continuity by working with Prolateral to put multiple ADSL lines from different ISPs into their premises. This provides them with more available bandwidth when all is working normally; and ensures that they remain connected and working even when there are problems.

If you are concerned about your business-resilience and dependency on a single ISP, contact us for impartial, expert, business-essential advice.


Hitchin Exchange status


Luton Exchange status


Harpenden Exchange Status

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