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Emailing from multiple domains and devices

It was estimated by the Radicati Group that in August 2008 around 210 billion emails were sent a day and that number is sure to have risen by now and will continue to do so.  With this many emails being sent, most people have more than one domain, at the very least, a work and home email address.  There has also been a rapid advancement and proliferation in mobile technology, the most notable being the iPhone and netbooks.  This all means that people are now expected to reply to all communications almost instantly.

Now that’s all fine as it increases productivity.  It also works fine when you are on your home network for sending emails from your home address or you’re on your work network sending emails to colleagues and clients.  However, what if you wanted to send emails to from your home network to your colleagues using your work email address or vice versa.  It’s more than likely that you’ll receive and SMTP error.  This is because your company’s or home Internet Service Provider (ISP) will not allow people to send email through their servers in order to prevent their servers being used to spam people.

Clients with the same, or similar, problems have already started using OutMail, a service from Prolateral.  Not only does it allow you to send from multiple domains using your email client, such as, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mobile or even an iPhone.  It also lets you send emails from anywhere in the world on any device, whether mobile or static.  All that needs to be done is to change your outbound SMTP settings, which can then easily be copied to any or all of your other devices and you can send emails from anywhere, using your normal email addresses, be that home and/or work.

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