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So you're surfing the internet, minding your own business, and suddenly a message pops up that warns "you're infected".


So you're surfing the internet, minding your own business, and suddenly a message pops up that warns "you're infected". It is true? Sometimes. Unfortunately, these days the fake Anti-Virus software looks more real than ever.

Sadly many people at the first glance of the dreaded message will click on the "Yes, protect my PC now". This in turn actually infects your computer with Malware

Malware, fake or real, can you tell?How can you tell if it's fake?

Other than the obvious of knowing the name of the REAL antivirus software you have installed, there are some tell tale signs to spot the Malware.

  • Check for spelling errors or incorrect punctuation
  • Check for incorrect information. E.g your PC is running Window7 but the Malware says it's Vista

Do you think you can tell what's fake or what's real?  Why not try the Malware, Fake or Real quiz?

How can I help prevent it?

Our advice is to block pop ups and ensure your PC is updated and fully protected.  If you should get a message pop up, seek advice rather than clicking on it - it may be annoying sat in the corner of the screen; but unless you click on it, it is unlikely to continue to the next step.

What is malware?

Malware is an abbreviated term used to describe a "malicious software" program. Malware includes things like spyware or adware programs, such as tracking cookies, which are used to monitor your surfing habits. It also includes more sinister items, such as key loggers, Trojan horses, worms, and viruses. If you want more information then click here. The wikipedia definition of Malware can be found here.

Prolateral can help you

If you think you have been infected by a virus, spyware, malware, or scareware and need help then give us a call. Prolateral Consulting is an IT Security company specialising in the protection of your computer systems. Prolateral is solution partners with Symantec and eSet to help provide you the best of breed solution that is tailored to fit your business requirement.  Together with proFilter, Prolateral's first rate anti-spam and anti-phishing email filter we have the complete solution.

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Prolateral Consulting is in business to put your organisation back in control of your own Information Technology, specialising in information and messaging security, computer forensic services, and disaster recovery planing.

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