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Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 goes live.

On the 10th Feb 2011 Microsoft made available for download the first release candidate of Internet Explorer 9 claiming it was a faster browser than its competition Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome.

Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) is boasting improvements in existing areas such as security and JavaScript. IE9 also supports CSS3 and performance improvements for text and html layout.

It is Microsoft's first browser to support the new version of HTML - the language used to build web pages - HTML5. This is touted as the next big step in the ability of the World Wide Web to support more multi-media-rich webpages, and is a key part of Apple's strategy with their iPad.

During its testing phase Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) had been downloaded 25 million times.  Of course the big question is how people will perceive the new browser against other well known browsers.

Survey conducted by Net Applications shows that Internet Explorer still has the majority share in the browsers by 56%.

{fusionchart id="19" 2011-02 Browser Market Share}

Prolateral Consulting's Operations Director, Ian Chilvers said, “We have been running IE9 internally for some time now to ensure our own portal doesn’t suffer from any compatibility issues. My advice to anyone considering the upgrade right now is to check that all their 3rd party extensions, plugins and toolbars work with IE9 first before relying on it as their browser”.

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