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Just recently Prolateral was asked by someone, who has since become a client, why their existing email marketing campaign had failed. The company had sent messages to just over 5,000 people and had a response rate of just 13 people. So what went wrong?

Looking at the campaign it was clear to see that the majority of the emails had been blocked from recipients inboxes for a variety of technical reasons. A few of which are:

  • Bad email headers
  • Invalid email address
  • The sender's IP address had been black listed
  • The email scored highly in spam recognition systems

When considering an email campaign it is important to take into account the best practices and principles followed by legitimate senders to avoid that email from being blocked. Earlier on in the year Prolateral published several articles related to email marketing and if you missed it then the links are below.

Email marketing is now one of the cheapest forms of digital marketing and lots of companies are carrying out email marketing so its important to have your message stand out from the rest. If you are considering email marketing, or you are already doing email marketing, then why not speak to Prolateral.

Prolateral offers email marketing and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) as part of its ecommerce digital marketing. In addition Prolateral also offers a hosted email spam filtering solution called profilter, so if you want to see how "spammy" your email is then profilter can score your campaign so it can be tweaked before sending.

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