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The English website of the Russian newspaper Pravda has been hacked, reported by F-Secure. On first glance at the site there are no visible changes done by the hack however the page silently loads a exploit script that tries to infect the user by Java vulnerabilities.

If the hack is successful on the user PC then the computer allows a bot to give remote access to that computer.

Operations Director, Ian Chilvers said, "Hacks like this are dangerous because users know the website and trust the site and probably visit the site daily for the news, so it would be easy for a end user PC to get infected.".

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If you think you have been affected by this problem and need help then give us a call. Prolateral Consulting is an IT Security company specialising in the protection of your computer systems. Prolateral is solution partners with Symantec and eSet to help provide you the best of breed solution that is tailored to fit your business requirement. Together with proFilter, Prolateral's first rate anti-spam and anti-phishing email filter (as known as spam email filtering) we have the complete solution.

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Prolateral Consulting is in business to put your organisation back in control of your own Information Technology, specialising in information and messaging security, computer forensic services, and disaster recovery planing.

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