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In total British consumers are being bombarded with 111 million unsolicited and potentially harmful email and text messages on a daily basis or a staggering 3.4 billion every month - despite Bill Gates' famous prediction that spam would be a thing of the past by 2006.

According to a recent survey by internet users now receive 107 million spam emails every day.

8 out of 10 UK households with internet access receive spam and over a quarter of them are hassled with at least 10 unwanted emails every day. 1 in 5 UK homes claim that they have experienced problems such as viruses with their computer after receiving a spam email.

Despite most internet providers now offering spam filters as part of their package, 4 million web users are still failing to protect their home computer from a spam or malware attack. The UK now ranks 4th in the league table for the world's worst hit by Spam.

But spam is not just plaguing home computers it is effecting businesses as well. Despite countries having laws on unsolicited emails and supporting the CAN-SPAM act the majority of the spam comes from spammers outside the EU and therefore out of the reach of European law. This means the onus is on the consumer and the businesses to take action to protect themselves.

Operations Director Ian Chilvers said, "protecting yourself at the borders of your network by using a spam filter is a vital measure these days, in addition to good sound firewalls and anti-virus solutions at the desktop. Spam filters are not just for businesses, the consumer should be encouraged as well even if their ISP claims to have a spam filter doing network wide blanket protection".

Ian added further, "If I asked you to put a price on the information your computer or network has stored and the cost of potentially losing it all verses the low cost of a spam filter and simple setup then it's a no brainer really".


Profilter is a hosted spam filter solution which filters emails from users with their own domain names and servers to just users with a single mailbox. With a management interface enabling the user to be in total control of their emails and messaging security.

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If you think you have been affected by this problem and need help then give us a call. Prolateral Consulting is an IT Security company specialising in the protection of your computer systems. Prolateral is solution partners with Symantec and eSet to help provide you the best of breed solution that is tailored to fit your business requirement.  Together with proFilter, Prolateral's first rate anti-spam and anti-phishing email filter (as known as spam email filtering) we have the complete solution.

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