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We at Prolateral are often asked the question what's the difference between a SMTP Service Provider and a Email Marketing Service?

Email Marketing Service.

A Email Marketing Service (ESP) is a service typically provided as a hosted solution by a company providing a all-in-one email marketing solution. This would include the creating of the campaign, authoring the message, running the campaign (sending the message) and managing the contacts. Most Email Marketing Service providers include reporting to monitor the messages sent, received and read.

Some ESP also incorporate Google style analytics and can even report if the message had been forwarded to other recipients. All ESP companies will use the services of a SMTP Service Provider.

SMTP Service Provider

An SMTP Service Provider, like outMail from Prolateral, is a best-of-breed solution that focuses on providing high quality and trusted servers to maximise email delivery for each customer. All outMail clusters are monitored and also incorporate Prolateral's flagship anti-spam technologies (profilter) to further increase the reputation of the outMail service and minimise any abuse.

Some SMTP service providers enable the clients to send emails from a specified address only. However outMail is a service that enables you to send emails from any SMTP device and any location in the world.

outMail is fully supported to work with ESP companies and also clients running their own local installed email marketing solutions.

To even further increase your chances of a successful delivery and missing the dreaded junk folder Prolateral can work with ESP's to test run your email campaign through our spam filter (profilter) to identify possible reasons why your message may fail.

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