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Travelling to London, England to enjoy the 2012 London Olympics?

Doesn't matter if you're a journalist, visitor, spectator or even a Olympian going for gold. I'm sure at some point you will want to send emails but suddenly get the horrid SMTP 5.5.0 Relaying Denied message. When you were at home before leaving for the UK you checked everything was working just fine. But since you've arrived you can receive your emails just fine but get an error message when sending.

Does that sound like you? Don't panic it's not a 2012 Olympic conspiracy to get you buying really expensive UK Internet service. The answer is much simpler than that. Your current ISP (Internet Service Provider) only allows you to send emails using their servers whilst connected to their network. It's to stop people using their servers to generate spam and unsolicited junk email.

But is there an answer? Yes... outMail ( is a global outbound SMTP Mail Server and authenticated SMTP Relay. This enables you to use outMail as your outgoing SMTP Server from any ISP and any location in the world. So you can safely email your London 2012 Olympic stories hassle free from any device.

So emailing from your iPad, iPhone, laptop, Android device, Smartphone, PC, Mac and tablet is easy with outMail. There are a variety of packages available starting from outMail10 (FREE) upwards.  outMail supports alternative SMTP ports as well for when you're having troubles with the standard port 25 or 587 there alternative ports to use.

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