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In August 1995 Microsoft released Windows 95 to succeed over Windows 3.11. Without a doubt the Windows 95 operating system was the most significant release from Redmond. With some users and companies still running Windows 95 today.

25th Birthday Windows 95 Twitter

Just recently we (Prolateral) visited a company that still has three PCs running Windows 95 on HP Brio computers with Intel 486DX CPUs inside. Those PCs were operating two legacy CNC strip-it (Punch press) machines.

One of the PCs was still running Pegasus Email version 3.12 written by David Harris of PMail. In early days Pegasus Email was connected to Mercury Mail running on a NetWare 5 server. However these days the company is running a Hybrid of on-premise exchange and office 365, but the Pegasus Email application is still happily POPing email from Exchange and sending SMTP email via outMail.

We use the word “was” because just recently the company made the decision to retire the two CNC machines and replace them with a nice new shinny laser cutting CNC.

However, the point to this story isn’t the retiring of old CNC machines but the celebration that Microsoft not only wrote an operating system that was a turning point for the company, but that operating system is still being used 25 years later.

As a celebration Microsoft (Windows Insider Program) released a short video showing the evolution of the start menu and windows.

Happy 25th Birthday Windows 95. We've still got the original floppy disks in the data safe, sitting proudly next to the floppy disks of MS Office 95

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