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Face book the social networking site has come under the spotlight a few times since its start in February 2004, namely for the large amount of down time experienced by companies where employees are spending more time chatting to friends and engaging with some 5000 "apps" that usually sap more time.

These applications are add-ons that people use and are usually ploys by companies to get people to sign up to promotions. In short Facebook is becoming an advertising magnet to the 60 Million (and rising) active users to date.

Users who add a Facebook application called "Secret Crush" could also be opening their computer up to spyware.

The Secret Crush application tempts users to install it by sending messages claiming that "one of your friends may have a crush on you!" Once installed, however, it prompts users to install Zango spyware, which is used to track online surfing and collect personal information.

It is believed around one million Facebook users have been infected by the application, due to its insistence that they invite a further five friends before it reveals the secret crush. And as if to rub salt into the wound, there's apparently no secret crush at the end of it all.