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thumb_data_security_2Barely a month goes by without some organisation suffering from bad publicity as a result of lost data and so often the case lost sensitive data. Just recently we have seen some high profiling companies receive bad press for losing information on memory sticks, CDROMs and laptops.

Of course bad press is one risk, but the possible financial and commercial consequences of losing portable data can be seriously damaging to a company as well.

Francis Bacon, the English philosopher, told us that "knowledge is power"; but of course in 1597 he never suffered the embarrassment of leaving a USB memory stick on public transport. At least it is never mentioned in the history books. If "knowledge is power" then carelessly losing that power - or giving it to someone to use against you - is inexcusable.

Of course only you can assess the true risks of losing data and the cost to your company but in this day and age is it really worth the risk. Subject to the data stored on removable media you have a legal obligation to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. Even on a more practical level - losing the data or allowing it to fall into malicious hands cause problems, expense and embarrassment.

Securing data on portable hard disks and USB memory sticks has never been easier. Encrypting important data, whether relating to customers, suppliers, or the company itself and its employees is surely something you should take seriously.

The Information Commissioner in October 2008 said, "Things will inevitably go wrong, therefore you should plan for things going wrong"

Prolateral Consulting is an IT Security company specialising in making your safe data safe and secure, by providing services like profilter, a hosted antispam service, protecting and cleaning your inbox from junk unsolicited emails.

In addition we provide advice on securing your most important data. This includes making your data on a USB memory stick or portable hard disk safe and secure. Contact us now for obligation-free advice on securing your data and for very cost-effective, highly-secure portable data solutions.