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Do I need outMail?

Why do I need outMail?

outMail is designed to solve most of the problems experienced when sending mail from your email application or server.

use outMail to send secure email from your mobile, PDA, Windows Mobile, Android or iPhone

use outMail to send secure email from your home

use outMail to send secure email from any SMTP server or SMTP application

use outMail to send secure email to a distribution list.

use outMail to send emails from your own mail servers, even if you are using a Dynamic DNS client from a dynamic IP Address

My ISP already provides me with SMTP outbound, do I need outMail?

Often, your ISP will let you send email only from within their network, allowing you send while connected to their service by Cable, DSL or mobile. If you take your laptop or phone connect to the Internet elsewhere your ISP will no longer allow you to relay email through them.

Traidionally this has meant setting up multiple outbound accounts for different ISPs.

Likewise ISPs often allow you to only send email using the address provided (eg jbloggs4312 @ispdomain.com) which is no use if you have your own domain name (john @acme.com)

With outMail - you can send from any Internet connection with only one account. No more managing multiple usernames and accounts - and no more anonymous 'home' email addresses.

I keep getting "Relaying Denied" messages, why?

Most ISPs will only allow their SMTP mail servers to accept your mail if you are local and using their Internet connection. Using outMail will solve this issue, you can use outMail to send SMTP email from anywhere on the Internet (even inside AOL's network).