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How do I add a client under a partner account?
How do I add a end-user under a partner account?


You must already have a partner account in the Portal.


Log into the portal and select the "Partner" menu.
Then select the "Clients" menu, then click on the "List" item

partner portal clients list menu

On the page you will see a button "+ Add New Client"

partner portal - Add a new client

Complete the form noting the highlighted fields are mandatory and the email address must be a valid address that can receive messages.

partner portal - Add a new client - complete the form

Click the Submit button.

You will now return to a clients list that looks something similar to the below, noting the new client in the list with a "Not-verified" next to the them.

partner portal - new client - not verified

The client will receive an email from My-Engine asking them to verify their email address.  Once the client has done this the clients list will look similar to the below.

partner portal - new client - verified

Client Accounts - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Client Accounts

As a partner that choice is really up to you.

If you want your clients to be able to log into the white-labelled portal and manage their own services then the answer is Yes.

If you are going to manage all the services for your clients yourself then the answer is Maybe. You don't have to create clients under your account but it might make it easier to organise services when you start getting more onboarded. If you don't create any clients then _all_ the services will be under your partner account.

Short answer - YES!!

You need to supply a valid email address as the portal (My-Engine) will send a verification email.


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