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How do I configure my Sipura 841 IP Telephone?


The Sipura 841 and the Sipura 2000/3000 adaptors are very similar in configuration when setting up for VoIP

  1. You should have recieved a Welcome message that contains all the configuration details you need. If you bought the Sipura from us, most of the settings will already be correct.
  2. Plug the Sipura network cable into the back of your broadband router or hub. Don't forget the power cable.
  3. If you are running DHCP on your LAN, the Sipura should pick up an IP address after a few minutes.
    If not, you'll need to assign one manually using the menu system on the Sipura handset. (Please refer to your Sipura Documentation)
  4. On the Sipura, press the i key, select option 9, you will see if the Sipura is set to use DHCP and the IP Address currently assigned to the Sipura.
    Note it down for the next step.
  5. Open a browser window and type in this address:


    (using the IP address from step 4).

    The settings you need to edit or check are as follows for line 1:

    In the Subscriber Information section, enter the username (in Auth ID and User ID)) and password assigned in your welcome email.

    In the Proxy and Registration section, enter the proxy settings advised in your welcome email (unless you bought your Sipura from us, in which case, this will already be set). You only need to set an outbound proxy if your router/hub provides NAT.

    By Default we support the G711a or G711u Codecs but if you are using multiple phones on your broadband connection, or you have a low bandwidth internet connection, then in the Audio Configuration section we recommend you choose G729a as the Preferred Codec. This will allow the phone to use less bandwidth where possible.
    Please note that if you wish to use G729a you will need to request that this codec is enabled for your extension.

    Please set your DTMF Tx Method to AVT this will allow our system to recognise what keys you press on your phone.

    If you intend to use multiple Sipura 841 IP telephones behind a Nat Firewall you will need to give each port on the Sipura 841 telephones a unique SIP Port number.

    For example if you have two Telephones and you wish to use all four lines then on the first Telephone you would set ext1 sip port to 5060 and ext2 sip port to 5061, on the second Telephone you would set ext1 sip port to 5062 and ext2 sip port to 5063.

  6. Click Submit All Changes once you are happy with the settings.
  7. Your Sipura841 Phone should now be ready to use! Dial 160 to try the echo test. You should hear everything you say echoed back to you.
  8. If you set up Line 2 identically to Line 1 this will give you the ability to have the functionality to be able to answer a second incoming call.


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