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Are you having trouble sending emails from your iPhone or iPad?

You can send emails ok when connected to your Wi-Fi but not when you’re connected to your Mobile Operators network with 3G, Edge, UMTS, GRPS, etc.  However regardless of the network connection you can still receive emails ok.

Is this you?

The most likely cause of this problem is you have set up your outbound SMTP server on your iPhone or iPad with the details given to you by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) so everything works great when you are connected to your ISP via WiFi.  However the problem is your ISP has most likely locked down their SMTP server to only service it’s users in their network so as soon as you turn WiFi off and use your operators Internet connection your blocked and can’t send emails anymore.

Of course the simple solution would be to change your outgoing SMTP server settings to match that given to you by your mobile operator but then you wouldn’t be able to send emails from your Wi-Fi. 

So now you find yourself swapping the settings around so you can send emails regardless of your Internet Connection.  This can be a real drag, but there is a solution.  Use a global SMTP provider like outMailoutMail is a user authenticated global SMTP provider meaning you can send emails from anywhere on any network using your own domain name.  Just in case your ISP or Mobile Operator blocks TCP Port 25 (The standard port used for sending emails), outMail supports alternative ports.

As an added bonus you can use outMail10 for FREE and setup instructions for the iPhone and iPad are very easy to follow.

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