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How to add email addresses to profilter's whitelist?
Adding senders to your whitelist

Solution:   Legacy - profilter V1 

Note - This knowledgebase article is based on legacy profilter v1

Note - In the legacy profilter v1 the pass & block lists are still referred to as white & black lists.


If you regularly get sent email from someone which profilter identifies as Spam, you can use the Whitelist to force profilter to pass it straight through and not quarantine it.

You can access your Whitelist under the Settings tab, then the White&Black Lists tab.

Senders can be added to the Whitelist in two ways:-

  1. Releasing an item from the Spam Quarantine will add the sender to your Whitelist; so it won't get stopped again (assuming it is sent from the same address).
  2. Manually add the address under the Settings->White&Black Lists section. Type the sender's email address in, mark the Whitelist radio-button, and click the Add to List button.

Note: The email address displayed as 'From:' on the email, is not necessarily the email address reported to proFilter as the sender. Every email has two sender-addresses; just like the sender's address on an envelope and on the letter inside. You should use the sender's address as listed inside proFilter.

Whitelisting Domains

This option to whitelist a domain can be useful with automated systems which send out email from different addresses every time in order to track bouncebacks for their own purpose.

Email addresses added can be full addresses, or you can whitelist a whole domain using an address of the format '' which will allow all emails from the to be delivered without scanning. This option should be used with caution; and you should not add your own domain as a whitelisted domain.


Upgrade from legacy profilter

Profilter V1 reached end-of-life for development on the 30th June 2017.

Please visit the profilter section of the website to see information on the latest version of profilter. Please contact us regarding upgrade and migration options.

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